siteunify1Put simply, SiteUnify brings you closer to your client’s sites. It eliminates the need for paper-based form filling whilst out visiting remote locations.  Contract’s managers, engineers, delivery services, health and safety consultants, surveyors; if you fill out work reports using a form on a clipboard, siteunify can help. You can use your existing tablet or smartphone to access the SiteUnify app and fill in the reports onscreen. Then, after syncing the app with our secure cloud database, the reports can be with your clients before you’re back at the office.

More than that, the secure cloud management system allows you full management of your clients, their sites and your engineers. You can control the engineers’ monthly scheduling which will then sync with their mobile app, so they know where to be and when. There’s a client portal where your clients can log in and download their past reports as PDFs, and see a schedule of their upcoming visits that are booked in. This info is instantly available to your clients without you having to email documents around; SiteUnify takes care of it all for you.


Why is SiteUnify different from other solutions?


illustration1Instead of an off the shelf solution that you have to fit your business around, SiteUnify moulds around your existing business processes. We perform a business analysis process to understand exactly what you need from the system, and make sure that your tailored solution does just that. We’ll take your existing forms and convert them to a format that fits the SiteUnify platform. Similarly, the cloud-based back office can be fitted around the way you work so your administrators can use it with no learning curve.

Why SiteUnify? Because we make technology a benefit to your business, instead of a headache!


How does the process work?


howAt SiteUnify we don’t sell you an app online and leave you to it. We have long term business relationships with our customers, and that starts with us sitting down with you initially to find out what you need from SiteUnify.

We’ll look at your current systems (probably a combination of Excel and Outlook!) and make sure that the tailored SiteUnify solution we produce for you is intuitive and fits seamlessly into your business. Through the development process we will meet with your team regularly, and then provide training for your administrators and engineers.

Full support is provided once SiteUnify is integrated into your business; user support in terms of usage and maintenance in terms of backups and security. We also update the features in SiteUnify regularly, and we’ll contact you to see if the new features can make SiteUnify work even better for you.

SiteUnify isn’t about selling you a software download and moving onto the next customer; we bridge the gap between technology & people.


Who is SiteUnify for?


Do you have remote workers out on the road? SiteUnify is for you. Responsive maintenance, risk assessors, water treatment specialists, cleaning contractors can all benefit from SiteUnify’s ability to bring you and the client’s site closer together. See our specific case studies below for real-world examples of how SiteUnify is already helping people.

SiteUnify for Water Treatment

Are your engineers filling in work reports & other documentation by hand on paper on a clipboard? How are their schedules managed - via excel spreadsheets? How do you get the schedules to your engineers? If you're relying on Excel/Outlook calendars and paper forms, SiteUnify can help.

SiteUnify for FM & Engineering services

Manage PPM and reactive maintenance schedules. Capture data on the ground via our Android/iOS app. Track faults from reporting through action to completion for auditing compliance.

“SiteUnify has brought a number of benefits to our company. Our engineers can get their work orders for the next month simply by synching the app, no need to come to the office for the paperwork. They also synch back the completed work reports which are available in the management system straight away, meaning the clients have their PDF reports the same day. The client portal is great too, so our clients can download their documentation at any time, and also see when they’ve got the next inspections scheduled. ”


“We were looking to fully digitise our job workflow through the company, but were unsure of how to proceed. There was a vast array of options out there but we didn’t know which of these would be fit for our purpose.

We were fortunately put in contact with Doublezero Solutions and were delighted to discover that they already had an end-to-end product called SiteUnify that was specifically aimed at our market place. We were able to get up and running quickly and the feedback from clients so far has been fantastic. Our engineers also love using the iPads onsite instead of paper work reports as it saves them so much time. Really happy to recommend Doublezero Solutions & SiteUnify.”


“Our legionella compliance paperwork was something of a headache to manage. There was no central place to hold the data electronically, resulting in piles of paperwork and many different excel spreadsheets that were used to try and track faults. With hundreds of residential units and also commercial units that have to be inspected and serviced for compliance, the old method was problematic.

When we moved everything onto SiteUnify, it mean that external audits were taking about a third of the time that they used to. More crucially, no recorded faults and essential remedial works were missed as they could all be tracked through the system, and we could demonstrate that the works & all PPM visits had been completed and signed off. Using SiteUnify has made my life a lot easier!”


“We were using a different mobile worker solution for creating electronic work reports, but we were having a lot of technical problems with it. It was also a generic solution and so never properly fit our requirements. When we got in touch with Doublezero Solutions we saw that SiteUnify was aimed at our business specifically, had all of the features we needed and no unnecessary elements that we were never going to use. Also the client portal was an added bonus and something the previous system didn’t have. I’m glad we made the switch over to SiteUnify.”



How can I get SiteUnify to streamline my site visits?

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